The Top 5 E-Readers for Digital Bookworms

By Jonathan Wylie

Today there are many different mobile devices that can be used to read the latest e-books. You can use an iPad, an Android smartphone, and even an iPod Touch, but often the most satisfying reading experience can only be had with a dedicated device. So, here are five of the best e-readers you can buy today.


    Amazon Kindle – The 3rd generation Kindle has been the number one choice of e-reader fans since it launched its August 2010 release. Its popularity stems from its ease of use and unwavering reliability, but the month long battery life is also a nice bonus. The screen is impeccably sharp and clear in all lighting conditions, and the number of Kindle edition books on Amazon continues to grow exponentially.





    B&N Nook – The all new touch screen Nook is fast becoming a new favorite. It sports the same e-ink technology found on other e-readers, but it adds the intuitive touch interface that is becoming increasingly de rigueur on mobile devices. It boasts the longest battery life of any e-reader, and can hold up to 1000 books, newspapers and magazines. Nook fans also love the ability to take their device into any Barnes and Noble store for free troubleshooting or help.




      Sony Reader Touch Edition – Sony was making e-readers long before Amazon or Barnes and Noble entered the scene, but it just wasn’t a mass market device at the time, and the technology was still being developed. Today however, a lot has changed. Sony’s devices are still among the most expensive e-readers you can buy, but they have a reassuring build quality and a reputation for longevity. This one is ePub friendly, has a responsive touch screen, and well-designed menus.




        Kobo E-Reader Touch Edition – The Borders-backed Kobo is a growing force in the competitive e-reader market, and this latest version is already winning some rave reviews. Its soft touch quilted back plate is available in 4 colors, and the menu screens are clear and easy to use. It includes an SD slot to extend the built-in memory, and is capable of syncing your reading across multiple devices with mobile apps.



          Amazon Kindle DX – Are you concerned that the current generation of e-readers are just too small? Then try the Kindle DX. Its 9.7-inch screen is easy on the eyes and is ideal for picture laden e-books, magazines or even PDFs. It has all the same features as the smaller Kindle 3, but it includes a screen that auto rotates for landscape and portrait reading styles. The DX is compatible with all Kindle edition e-books.



            So, if your paperback collection is starting to take over your house, why not consider one of these light and easy to use e-readers for the ultimate in portability and convenience.


            Jonathan Wylie

            Jonathan Wylie

            Jonathan Wylie is the owner of The Education Technology Blog, a website dedicated to helping teachers advance the use of technology in the classroom. He is a teacher, husband, and proud father, but also works as a freelance writer for several online publications. Jonathan is originally from Scotland, but now lives and works in rural Iowa. He has a love for education, photography, computers, and just about any gadget that he can get his hands on.


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