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Our Technology guru, Jonathan Wylie, offers tips and resources for the whole family.


Kids today are so comfortable with technology that some of them can just pick your iPhone up and instinctively know what to do with it–even if you haven’t figured out how half the apps work.  For some of us, technology leads to productivity and for others, it just leads to frustration.  Our technology expert, Jonathan Wylie can help you use some of the most popular devices, apps and resources available today in ways that will benefit your family.


Concerned about safety?     

Safe Mobile Browsing with the Mobicip Safe Browser                                        

Internet Safety Sites

Top 5 Safe Search Engines for Kids

Facebook Guide for Parents

Free Parental Internet Controls–Windows Live

Kidzui Network–Online Safety for Kids

Parental Contols for the iPad and iPod

Top 5 Family-Friendly puzzle apps


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Technology Tips for Families:

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Find Free Books for the Kindle

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File sharing for multiple computers/devices—dropbox

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