Symptoms of ADHD in Adults and Children

There are certain symptoms of ADHD that parents need to be aware of as signs that they should have their child evaluated by a doctor.  Only a doctor can make the diagnosis and it will be based on feedback from both parents and teachers regarding a child’s behavior and performance at school and at home.  Many children are undiagnosed and move into adulthood still struggling with similar symptoms that can affect their interpersonal relationships and career.   Below are the warning signs of ADHD in children and adults to help you recognize if you need to visit the doctor.

Children and ADHD Symptoms

The following symptoms in children are signs you may need to have your child evaluated by a doctor:

  • Lack of Focus – Many people mistake the lack of focus associated with ADHD as the normal short attention span found in young children. However, there is a difference. Children with ADHD aren’t usually able to concentrate on anything regardless of the child’s interest in the subject or activity.
  • Highly Disruptive – Children with ADHD don’t want to be disruptive, but they just can’t help it. If your child has to always be in motion and is often disruptive regardless of your attempts to control the behavior, he/she may have ADHD.
  • Acts on Impulse – Children with ADHD don’t have the ability to “think things through” and will often act on impulse. It may be that they interrupt frequently, ask irrelevant questions or have constant tantrums.
  • Always in Motion – Children with ADHD have a need to be in constant motion, almost as if they aren’t able to sit still. These kids aren’t bad kids, in fact many try to sit still when asked, they just can’t.

Adults and ADHD

The signs and symptoms of ADHD vary from children to adults. Below are the most common symptoms found in adults with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder:

  • Easily Angered – Many adults with ADHD aren’t able to control their emotions and often have angry outbursts. If this is a normal occurrence for your loved one, he/she may have ADHD.
  • Lack of Concentration – This is a shared symptom of ADHD for both children and adults. Adults with ADHD often find it difficult to focus on one thing without their mind wandering off and thinking about something else.
  • Lack of Organization – Adults with ADHD usually struggle with getting organized. This is usually true for their homes and work place. The lack of organization may even extend to their social lives too.
  • Intense Focus – A common technique many adults with ADHD teach themselves to do is to focus extremely hard on a topic or activity that they find fulfilling. This is known as “hyperfocus” and it is a way for those with ADHD to block out all the other distractions. However, while they are focusing on something, this is still a symptom of ADHD and should be checked out.
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