Support for Dealing with Common Family Issues

We all need a little support these days.  And when we’re dealing with common family issues, sometimes connecting with others who have been in your shoes can give you a fresh perspective.  A word of encouragement, a friendly ear, a chance to get things off your chest…….if you’re looking for support, you’ve come to the right place.

Summit Series for Families was created to support those of you looking for answers on everything from how to set parental controls on your iPad to how to help your kid with their homework.  Common family issues today include everything from dealing with divorce and co-parenting to managing your growing family expenses on a smaller budget and getting support for your child with learning differences.

The resources are out there.  All over the place.  And so is our audience-and that can be a problem.  We wanted to bring you all together in one place to share ideas, opinions and resources.  One site, lots of voices, and even more ideas.  Each family is different, as are our issues.  But chances are you’re going to learn something helpful that relates to your personal situation.

We’ve had some great Q&A’s with authors on everything from toddlers to teenagers and beyond.  We’ve learned how to talk with teens from Vanessa Van Petten of Radical Parenting; we’ve discussed the perils of helicopter parenting with Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids and we’ve gotten advice from Maya Frost, author of The New Global Student on how to help our kids get a world-class education without even taking the SAT.   We’ll continue to interview authors of books that we feel are great resources for families and we will continue to provide plenty of relevant online resources to help with all your common family issues.

Since technology is so important today, we’ve got a whole section that will help you with everything from keeping your kids safe online to free resources that will help you be more productive.

Join our community to learn about upcoming author interviews and information on how you can get involved in the site.

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