Summer Camps For Teens And Children–A Life Enriching Choice

Although children rarely attend school during the summer, most parents must work throughout the year. For this reason, many families consider summer camps for teens as a way to keep them occupied with wholesome pastimes rather than run the risk of them turning to unwise or dangerous activities out of boredom. Summer camps allow teenagers to make new friends and enjoy themselves in a structured and productive environment.

Traditional summer camps are generally located in rural areas where children and teenagers can spend several weeks or more during their summer vacation from school. A vast array of activities are usually offered at general camps, but parents also have an option of choosing from a wide selection of specific summer camp themes.


Attending summer camp can enrich a teenager’s or child’s life in a variety of ways. Summer camp games and other activities foster independence in their participants, while at the same time teaching the attendees how to compromise and adapt to group living. For this reason such camps help school age girls and boys to broaden their social skills and use previously untapped inner resources. Participants learn to get along with various individuals from diversified backgrounds, rather than fall into the social or racial cliques that are sometimes seen in schools. In addition, summer camps for teens also heighten their awareness of the relationship between nature and people.


Although general camps are the most common, families also have the option of enrolling their youngsters in camps that center on particular sports or activities. The following are some specialized camps that are currently quite popular with children and teens. However, many more options exist in virtually any area of interest.

Educational Enrichment Camps

Academic enrichment camps offer courses for teenagers or children who want or need supplemental education. Camps are also available that provide new challenges for gifted or academically advanced students. The material covered in educational enrichment camps may include coursework in subjects such as physical and life sciences, music, engineering, mathematics, digital arts, computer assisted design, linguistics, technology and other disciplines.

Religious Camps

Religious camps for youngster are also an option parents may wish to consider. Such camps are usually Christian or Jewish and may also be divided based on denomination. Religious-themed camps usually focus on teaching the values of the aforementioned religions or other spiritual or religious tenets. However, those who attend such camps are also offered the same recreational activities provided by secular summer camps, such as sports, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming or other traditional activities in which children and teenagers enjoy participating.

Basketball Camp

Basketball summer camps are geared toward youngsters who are avid basketball fans and who are interested in sharpening their skills. The latter can be accomplished while making friends and enjoying other camp activities. Basketball camps can be found for beginners, those with intermediate skills and children who are highly skilled in the sport. Most camps of this type offer a wide variety of basketball related activities and training.

Baseball Camps

There is no off season for children who are passionate about baseball. Therefore, summer baseball camps are the ideal choice for children and teens who want to sharpen their skills over the summer. Not only will such an opportunity give them a chance to improve their game, but it will also re-emphasize the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Baseball camps that specialize are also an option, including those that focus on catching, hitting or pitching.

Special Needs Camps

Special needs camps provide a wonderful avenue through which children or teens with specific physical or emotional needs can enjoy a higher quality of life. Participation in such camps also presents an opportunity for such teenagers to acquire professional attention and help that is targeted to their specific needs. These types of summer camps typically offer a combination of both therapeutic and recreational activities.

Selecting the Most Suitable Camp

There are thousands of residential summer camps in North America. For this reason, many families may feel a bit overwhelmed when the time has come to choose the best camp from the vast array of options that exist. However, if thought is given to several considerations, one may find that this task is not as difficult as he or she initially thought.

The first task on which parents should focus is to discover the type of camp in which their teenager or child is interested. It is never wise to select a camp and send the youngster off without involving him or her in the decision making process. The teen or child should be questioned with regard to which activities or sports he or she finds appealing.

Parents should also keep in mind that many of the best camps fill their spots as early as a year in advance. For this reason, numerous families will begin their search for an appropriate camp a full year before their child’s attendance is planned.

Additional Considerations

Cost is obviously something that a family must consider as well when a camp is chosen. Parents who are working with a strict budget will be happy to know that many summer camps for teens offer payment plans. Some camps even provide scholarships, but this will vary from one organization to another.

It is also essential to discover the track record of any camp one’s child or teen will be attending. Asking for referrals from other parents or reading online reviews are ideal ways through which this can be accomplished. If a family is concerned about a particular camp, whether such concerns are about the competence of its staff or the overall quality of the facilities, they should visit the American Camping Association Accrediting Agency website. This site offers detailed information about numerous reputable camps throughout the country.

Those who attend summer camps for teens will have the opportunity to create enjoyable memories that will last a lifetime. Regardless of the activities that are selected, attending summer camp is an excellent way for children and teenagers of all ages and backgrounds to experience a better quality of life.

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