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By Jonathan Wylie

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV offering to speed up your PC for you if you visit their website and sign up for a free scan. Well, the scan might be free, but the fixes are not. Today I am going to save you some money, and show you how to speed up your PC for free. It requires almost no technical knowledge and is a legitimate, proven method of speeding up sluggish PCs.

To make the necessary changes to your computer, you are going to use a free program called Advanced SystemCare Free. Download it here and install it on any PC that you think is slower that it should be.

When you launch the program, you will see four menu options across the splash screen. Click the Deep Care icon, and make sure that you have checked all the boxes next to the relevant scans. Then click Scan Now.

Advanced SystemCare will now run a series of diagnostic tests on your computer to look for the best ways to tweak your computer for speed and efficiency. Each test is estimated to take between five and ten minutes, but often doesn’t take that long. When the scans are complete you will see a notification next to each one that will read No Problems, or it will detail the number of problems it has found.


If your computer has slowed down considerably over the last few months, then the chances are good that Advanced SystemCare will find problems to fix on your machine. If you want to see what these are, click Show Details next to each one. Otherwise, it is time to clean up your computer, so click Repair Now.

Once the repairs are complete, your computer will have shaken off the shackles that were holding it back and you should see some kind of performance boost in daily use. However, it is not a permanent fix. Try to remember to use this tool once a month so that your computer can remain optimized for the best performance it can deliver

The Quick Care option is good for a quick fix, but I would caution against using the Turbo Boost option as this turns off some important Windows functions like Windows Updates. If you want to explore the Toolbox, feel free. In it you will find a variety of specific tools to help repair or fix your computer, but not all of these are free to use.

If you are still having performance issues after this scan, it is likely you have a virus or some kind of spyware slowing down your computer. Install a good antivirus program and run regular scans to help keep malware at bay.

Like people, computers inevitably slow down with age, but if you use Advanced SystemCare regularly, you should be able to hold off on a new computer for just a little bit longer and be able to speed up your PC for free!

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie is the owner of The Education Technology Blog, a website dedicated to helping teachers advance the use of technology in the classroom. He is a teacher, husband, and proud father, but also works as a freelance writer for several online publications. Jonathan is originally from Scotland, but now lives and works in rural Iowa. He has a love for education, photography, computers, and just about any gadget that he can get his hands on.


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