Skype and Facebook: Friends for Life

By Jonathan Wylie

This week Skype and Facebook teamed up to offer a seemingly natural integration between their respective platforms. In Facebook you can now make video calls, and in Skype you can now post updates to your wall, instant message your friends, ‘Like’ comments and more. Here’s how it works.


Facebook on Skype

If you are using the most up to date version of Skype, you should now see a Facebook tab alongside your contacts list. Clicking on that will reveal a message prompting you to link your Facebook account to Skype, so click ‘Connect to Facebook’ to get started.


Now enter your Facebook login information, and click ‘Allow’ to give Skype permission to access your Facebook account.

You will immediately have access to your Facebook wall and be able to post updates to your status or message your friends. Easy, right?


Skype on Facebook

Getting Skype on Facebook requires a little more effort, but it is not too difficult. It requires you to download and install a program to link the two, and you can find that by going to Once there, click the green ‘Get Started’ button.


This will open your Facebook contacts list and show you who is online right now. To make your first call, you have to select one of these contacts, and then click the video button above their chat window.

This opens a new window that asks you setup and download the Facebook video client. So, save the file that your browser prompts you to save, and then run it after it has downloaded by double clicking on the file.


After the program has installed, Facebook will automatically attempt to call your chosen contact. If they already have the Facebook video plug-in installed, you will be able to have an instant video chat.

If they don’t have the video plug-in installed, they will be prompted to download and install the video client just like you did above. After that, they will automatically call you back to test the new video calling feature.

Now the one thing to remember is that it is a new service and millions of people are likely going to be trying to use it at one time, so there may be a few bugs to work out as the service becomes more streamlined. However, it is still a great feature to have if you enjoy catching up with friends and family on Facebook.


Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie is the owner of The Education Technology Blog, a website dedicated to helping teachers advance the use of technology in the classroom. He is a teacher, husband, and proud father, but also works as a freelance writer for several online publications. Jonathan is originally from Scotland, but now lives and works in rural Iowa. He has a love for education, photography, computers, and just about any gadget that he can get his hands on.



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