Our Series on Bullying

It’s not an easy time to be a kid. While bullying has been around for generations, modern technology takes things to a whole new level, and with dizzying speed.  The type of cruel behavior we used to associate with middle school students seems to have filtered all the way down to kindergarten and each day reveals new stories of heartaches for parents and kids alike.

In the month of April we want to explore the topic of bullying from a variety of angles.  We’ll be highlighting several books that address bullying and talking with several authors and experts as well.  From the different ways that boys and girls exhibit this aggressive behavior to the lasting effects of cyber-bullying and what bystanders can do to help, we’re going to put the spotlight on this important issue.

In a recent YouTube video that has received thousands of hits, a young woman shares the pain she’s experiencing–and does so non verbally, using handwritten notes. The video, titled “Words Are Worse Than Sticks and Stones” has generated hundreds of comments, many from others who relate to her situation.

We recently re-launched our site with a focus on audience interaction—we want to hear your stories and hopefully learn from each other.  If you or your child have ever been bullied, or if you’ve been accused of being the bully and would like to share your experiences, please see our How To Get Involved Page for instructions on sending your stories to us.   We’ll publish as many as we can on our site.

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