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By Jonathan Wylie

Internet safety is an important issue that is relevant to all parents today. However, finding the best advice and keeping up with the latest threats can be very time consuming. Thankfully, there are lots of great websites that can do the hard work for you. So, take a look at the resources below the next time you are looking for new ways to keep your kids safe online.


1. Common Sense Media – Today, Common Sense Media is perhaps the number one go-to site for any parents who are looking to ensure their children are using technology safely. Its brief is broad, but this non-profit organization is a great reference source for raising responsible digital citizens. Cell phones, movies, apps, TV, games, websites and more are reviewed, rated and tested for how age-appropriate they really are. Hot topics for 2-17 year olds are also discussed in-depth to help give you the best information you can get to keep your kids on the right track.

2. Google Family Safety Center – As a search provider, it dominates the Internet, so it only seems right that they have their own family safety center to promote responsible Internet usage. Here you can learn how to turn on Google’s SafeSearch and activate the safety mode in YouTube. There are also some more general tips from parents who work at Google.


3. Kiwi Commons – The Kiwi Commons Reference Center is a superb place to find advice and help on how to deal with the dangers of online predators, privacy, gaming addictions, and lots more. It provides definitions of what each threat is, collects news clippings of the latest examples, and includes videos and printable guides for everything they discuss on their site.


4. Microsoft Safety and Security Center – Microsoft’s online safety center again covers a lot of different areas, but make sure you take a look at the Family Safety section for some useful tips on how to protect your children from online threats. The site obviously has a Microsoft slant to all the advice, but if you are running a Windows computer at home, there is a lot of sage advice here.


5. NetSmartz – This cyber safety site was created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and it contains great advice for parents, teachers, and kids who are concerned about online safety. Blogging, cell phones, cyberbullying, social networking and more are discussed here and each area has their own handy collection of dos and don’ts. They also have a monthly email that will keep you up to date with all the latest cyber safety information on their site.

So, the next time you are looking for some guidance with internet safety, try looking through one of the sites above. They are great one-stop solutions for the best protection you can give your kids online today.

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie is the owner of The Education Technology Blog, a website dedicated to helping teachers advance the use of technology in the classroom. He is a teacher, husband, and proud father, but also works as a freelance writer for several online publications. Jonathan is originally from Scotland, but now lives and works in rural Iowa. He has a love for education, photography, computers, and just about any gadget that he can get his hands on.


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