How to Find Free Books for the Kindle

By Jonathan Wylie

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best-selling eBook readers of all time. Its popularity knows no bounds and it is winning fans all over the world. Part of this appeal is due to the number of free, or low cost, ebooks that can be read on the Kindle, but you need to know where to look in order to find these bargain reads. Here are a few places to look to find free books for the Kindle.


1. Amazon – The most obvious place to look would be on You can browse the Kindle bookstore, sort your results from Low to High, and quickly find a selection of free ebooks for your Kindle. However, the quality and relevance here can be somewhat mixed, so why not browse the Bestsellers in the Kindle Store page for the top 100 free Kindle books. It changes daily, so check back often.


2. – Ebooks, like everything else, go on sale at one time or another. However, you don’t always hear about them when they do. Thankfully, there are sites like Dealnews who track all the latest freebies on the Dealnews Ebook Deals page. Some books are only reduced in price for a matter of days, so again, check back on a regular basis, or get an alert from Dealnews by email or RSS to keep up to date.


3. Project Gutenberg – This online collection of ebooks boasts 36,000 books that are free to download at your leisure. They are all electronic versions of books whose copyright has expired, but if you like the classics, there is plenty here to enjoy. Look to the Top Downloads page to see what everyone else is reading, or browse the catalog to find your own favorite reads.



4. Lendle – Amazon recently announced the ability for Kindle owners to lend books to other Kindle owners. But what if your friends don’t have a Kindle, or they read different types of books to the ones you enjoy? Enter At Lendle, you can sign up for a free account that lets you borrow and lend books from other users. Currently there are over 9,000 to choose from, and you can even make 50 cents every time you lend a book from your own collection. Books are loaned for a 14-day period and are automatically returned to the owner after that time.


So, the next time you are looking for free books for the Kindle, take a look at one of these great sites and see what you can add to your ebook library.

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie is the owner of The Education Technology Blog, a website dedicated to helping teachers advance the use of technology in the classroom. He is a teacher, husband, and proud father, but also works as a freelance writer for several online publications. Jonathan is originally from Scotland, but now lives and works in rural Iowa. He has a love for education, photography, computers, and just about any gadget that he can get his hands on.

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