Connecting with Your Kids Through Books

Here at Summit Series for Families, we love books.  All books.  We specialize in books about families and books written by moms and dads and teens.  We also specialize in books written by experts that can help families gain a new perspective on issues they are facing.

In this new section, we also want to focus on some great books for kids so that you can form your own parent child book club.  It might be just the two of you, and it might mean connecting with other parents and kids with similar interests, but sharing books and stories with your kids of all ages, can bring you closer together.

To start us off, Elaina Daniels checked in with Cindy Hudson, of Mother Daughter Book Club, for some suggestions for starting a book club.  Stay tuned for some book recommendations and interviews with members of book clubs around the country and see how parents all over are connecting with their kids through books.

If you’re looking for book awards for children’s books, we’ve got a pretty comprehensive list that includes the Newbery and Caldecott Medal winners plus a whole lot more.

For picture book recommendations and activities to match, check out our review of Vivian Kirkfield’s book Show Me How!


What are your favorite books for kids? We want to hear from you!





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