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Safe Mobile Browsing with the Mobicip Safe Browser

By Jonathan Wylie

It is relatively easy to set up parent monitoring controls for computers used at home, but what about ones that are used on the go? Mobile internet devices like the iPod Touch and the iPad are great tools for today’s teenagers. However, it can be hard to monitor More »

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The Top 5 Web Based E-mail Accounts

By Jonathan Wylie

Need a new email account? Today, it seems that no matter how careful you are, the spammers always catch up with you eventually. So, sometimes it is just better to cut your losses and grab a brand new email account. Here are five of the best for you More »

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How to Sync Bookmarks With Xmarks

By Jonathan Wylie

These days, it is increasingly likely that you use more than one computer to get through your daily routines. For instance, you may have a computer at work, a desktop at home, and a laptop for portability. You might also be forced to use different browsers More »

Organize Your Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery


By Jonathan Wylie

Most families have a lot of digital photos stored on their computers. In fact, we probably have a lot more digital versions than we do print versions these days. However, finding the ones you want can be time consuming, especially when your camera uses obscure file More »

What to Look for When Buying a New Computer

By Jonathan Wylie

Are you in need of a new computer? The spec list on new computers increasingly looks like it was written in a foreign language, but this handy guide will tell you exactly what to look for and give you some tips on how to snag the More »

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Speed Up Your PC for Free


By Jonathan Wylie

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV offering to speed up your PC for you if you visit their website and sign up for a free scan. Well, the scan might be free, but the fixes are not. Today I am going to save you some money, and More »

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How to Set Up and Install Free Windows Antivirus Software

By Jonathan Wylie

The Internet is awash with malicious malware that is designed to cause you the maximum amount of inconvenience it can, so it’s important that you have effective, up-to-date antivirus software installed on your home PC. One of the best options is Microsoft Security Essentials. This free Windows antivirus More »

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The Best E-Reader Apps for your Phone, Tablet, Computer and More!

By Jonathan Wylie

No e-reader? No problem. Simply install one of these e-reader apps on your phone, tablet, or home PC and you too can have access to thousands of e-books wherever you are.