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What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome is a relatively mild form of autism that effects people in different ways than regular autism. Because it usually does not affect language, many people with Asperger Syndrome go undiagnosed. This is the one form of autism that is usually not caught at an early age. Asperger Syndrome, More »

Inspiration and heroes for those with autism

By Elaina Daniels

When growing up, most of us have people that we look to outside of our home to look at as idols or heroes. For a child with autism, this can be very hard to do. Too often, our society only looks at the impediments of autism. The focus More »

Special Needs Require Special Estate Planning

By Susan Frasca

Parents of children with special needs deal with many of the same issues as most parents when it comes to planning for their child’s future, education and well-being. And then some. While most people grasp the importance of estate planning on some level, be it a basic will More »

Special Schools for Kids with Special Learning Needs Can Make All the Difference

By Susan Frasca

Some kids, no matter how hard they try, just can’t succeed in the typical school or classroom environment. Whether because of a learning disability, neurobiological disorder or physical challenge, they have specific needs that need to be addressed in order for them to learn.

Imagine the frustration for these More »

Surviving Summer

By Gina Badalaty

Last summer was the worst.  I was cooped up at home with an autistic 4 year old and a high energy 7-year old.  It was the first year that my older daughter did not have any kind of summer school activity since she was three, and my little More »

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Living With Gusto

By Gina Badalaty

As I sit here and watch my daughter, Amelia, watching “E.T.”, I’m thoroughly amused. She knows all the words and shouts “Oh no!” when E.T. gets sick. She skips in place when they are peddling, and shouts, “he can fly, he can fly!” All I More »

Pick Your Battles

By Gina Badalaty

  There is a point, as a special needs parent, where everything feels like a battle.  Days can feel long when you argue with care providers, aides, and educators – and that doesn’t include the times you disagree with family members or are disciplining children.  I can’t count the More »

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Help for Parents of Children with Disabilities

By Gina Badalaty

You’ve just found out your child has a learning disability.  You are probably sad, angry, and frustrated…and scared.  Those are perfectly normal feelings, and I went through all of them myself – twice. Raising two kids with different disabilities is a challenge, but it has its rewards too.  The More »

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