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What is wrong with school lunches? A teacher’s lament

By Kelly Thunstrom

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Fed Up With Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches – and How We Can Change Them! by Sarah Wu (otherwise known as “Mrs. Q”).  Sarah is a teacher in the Chicago Public School System who, for one More »

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A Review of Peg Tyre’s The Good School

How Smart Parents Get Their Kids the Education They Deserve

A Review By Susan Frasca

Sending your child to the local school in your neighborhood just because it’s there, or choosing a school because that’s where your friend’s children went, is just, well, old school. Like everything else today, from the products More »

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Standardized Test Scores: Take With a Grain of Salt

By Renee Bogacz

Another school year is on the horizon, and with the start of a new year comes another round of standardized testing for our students.  As a teacher and a parent of a college-bound student, I am all-too-well aware of this.  There is so much importance attached More »