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A Response to the film Consuming Kids

By Elaina Daniels

Be wary parents, because they are coming for your children.  They are coming very well equipped.  Marketing, exploitation, manipulation, materialism.  These are just a few of the words in the film, Consuming Kids, to describe what is being done to our children just about every second of every More »

Reaction to “Consuming Kids – The Commercialization of Childhood”

By Kelly Thunstrom

I was glued to the screen during this one hour and eight minute preview of Consuming Kids – The Commercialization of Childhood.  This film dumbfounded me and shook me to the core.  Who is truly raising our kids?  Every parent and teacher needs to watch this, and ask More »

Parents need to be as consumed with their kids as the corporations are

By Susan Frasca

They had me at “hello.”

Who could argue the validity of the claims and observations made in Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood?  The statistics are well-known, from the rise in childhood health issues to the billions of dollars companies make from innocent, unsuspecting child consumers – well, more More »

Consuming Kids Equips Parents for Marketing Battlefield

By Colleen Keefe

Did you know that our kids are exposed to nearly 3,000 ads per day or that marketers actually study and count on “The Nag Factor” to determine the just how many times a kid needs to nag for a parent to give in and buy?

CONSUMING KIDS, a Media More »