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A Talented Teen Addresses Bullying Through Her Music

The topic of bullying has come up quite often on our site and we’ve heard from several teachers and parents on the topic.  Today we’d like to share some thoughts from a talented teen who wrote the amazing song, Stronger, based on her personal experience with bullies in 8th and More »

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Understanding the Role of the Bystander in Bullying Situations

By Renee Bogacz

So many anti-bullying programs focus on getting bullies to stop their abusive behavior or empowering victims.  Both are noble and worthwhile endeavors, but more and more researchers are starting to acknowledge the huge role that bystanders play in any bullying situation.  Bystanders are important, according an More »

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Five Words to Call Out a Bully

By Renee Bogacz

Recently, actress Jennifer Aniston had the chance opportunity and the courage to stand up to a bully.  It may be hard for anyone to believe that Aniston could be the victim of bullying considering her stunning good looks, international fame, and resulting wealth, but she was often on More »

The Topic We All Want to Ignore but Can’t: Sexting

By Renee Bogacz


Few words will make a parent, teenager, teacher, or school administrator more uncomfortable than the word “sexting”.  It seems that any time the word “sex” is brought up in any form, all of the above people want to run and hide.  Unfortunately, sexting is something that too many More »

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Mean Girls/Relational Aggression: A Primer

By Renee Bogacz


If you have ever seen the movie Mean Girls, then you are probably familiar with the term.  Some of the mean girl behavior shown in that movie is portrayed accurately, but alas, the movie ties the story up in a pretty bow at the end, and More »

Bullying and the School’s Responsibility

By  Renee Bogacz


It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from bullies, and it is natural for parents to want their children’s school to address bullying when it happens.  But what can schools really do about bullying, and what can parents do to help the schools help More »

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Is it Bullying or Just Teasing?

By Renee Bogacz

As a teacher, I often have students tell me they are being bullied. Parents will also email me and my colleagues alerting us to bullying. The term “bullying” has come to be commonly thought of as any mean or unkind behavior exhibited toward another person. More »

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Five W’s and an H: Cyberbullying

By Renee Bogacz


Gone are the days of what adults think of as bullying: the boy on the playground threatening to beat up someone for lunch money.  Nowadays, bullying comes in a more insidious form that has coined its own genre – cyberbullying.  According to the Cyberbullying Research Center cyberbullying More »

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Our Series on Bullying

It’s not an easy time to be a kid. While bullying has been around for generations, modern technology takes things to a whole new level, and with dizzying speed.  The type of cruel behavior we used to associate with middle school students seems to have filtered all the way down More »

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