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Symptoms of ADHD in Adults and Children

There are certain symptoms of ADHD that parents need to be aware of as signs that they should have their child evaluated by a doctor.  Only a doctor can make the diagnosis and it will be based on feedback from both parents and teachers regarding a child’s behavior and performance More »

Types of ADHD

Most people don’t realize how many different types of ADHD there are.   However, there are approximately 9 different forms of ADHD. Below you will find a brief overview of each with their associated side effects.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Form: This form of ADHD is typically characterized by hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. More »

ADD and ADHD Symptoms in Adults


While Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) always begins in childhood, it often doesn’t get diagnosed until adulthood, usually after that person has struggled with symptoms that have interfered with work, family and social situations.  Of those diagnosed as children, it is estimated that as many as More »

Summer Camp Dilemma: Finding the Right Camp for Your Child

By Jennifer Taylor

For parents with kids who have ADHD and behavioral disorders, summer brings about new challenges as they seek summer programs.  Many parents cannot keep their children at home during the summer, so for some, these programs are an only option.  As a result, these children face several challenges More »

Concentration: Methods to Developing Attentiveness

By Jennifer Taylor

Lack of concentration is one of the top problems many children face when they begin school.  For these children it is difficult to stay focused throughout an entire school day, and as a result they often get into trouble within the classroom.   Parents are often at a loss More »

ADHD Treatment: Beyond Medication

By Jennifer Taylor

It wasn’t too long ago people did not know the abbreviation ADHD or what it stood for.  Today, even though there is a greater awareness of the term, there is still a great deal of ambiguity and fear attached to the label.  While the stigma is not as More »