A Real-Life Plan to Teach Your Kids to be Independent

We’ve got another book from Merrilee Boyack that fits in well with our Raising Responsible Kids Series.  In The Parenting Breakthrough, A Real-Life Plan To Teach Your Kids To Work, Save Money, and Be Truly Independent, she outlines specific plans for teaching your children to be self-reliant.

In the process of raising her own four sons, she and her husband came up with a list of tasks that their children needed to be able to do to be independent.  The list is broken down by age and includes tasks such as making their bed at four years old to understanding credit cards at sixteen and seventeen years old.  They present a pretty thorough list and suggest you modify it to your own needs.  Having a plan in place helps you realize how much we all really need to master to be successfully independent and ensures that important skills are not missed.

She has great ideas for Financial Training as well, starting with the allowance issue.  For parents questioning how much to give, deciding if it should be tied to specific chores, and wondering at what age should allowance be given, etc., she outlines a plan that combines a certain amount of money, given monthly, based on the child’s age that is not tied to chores, and then separate “money chores” that they do to to earn extra.  She stresses that the amount you give for allowance should not be too much-you want them to be prudent.   You also want them to be motivated to do the “money chores.” It’s a great way for them to take on additional responsibilities, start earning their own money, and learn new skills.

To teach her kids the importance of savings, she uses her own “family bank” to offer incentives for reaching certain goals–for instance, a $10 bonus for reaching a savings goal of $100, and will sometimes even match dollar for dollar for certain items the kids are saving for.

Merrilee has generously offered this book to be used in a give-away our “Raising Responsible Kids” series and we’ll include it in the drawing at the end of June.  Be sure to comment on any of our posts in the “Raising Responsible Kids” series to be entered into the book giveaways and join our community by entering your email address for a chance to win a Kindle at the end of the month.

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KittyK says:

Hubby and I have gone back and forth on the allowance issue and need to come up with a consistant plan–I like the idea of money chores!

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