A Review of Different Like Me: My book of autism heroes

By Elaina Daniels

In a world where you are completely different from everyone around you, it can often be hard to find someone outside of your own family to look up to.  The world is filled with images that most people cannot attain, much less a child who has any kind More »

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An Interview with Peg Tyre

The Good School, by award-winning education journalist, Peg Tyre, is a guidebook for parents looking to get the best education possible for their kids.  Susan Frasca recently reviewed The Good School and then had the chance to ask the author some questions by email.


Susan Frasca: What are the top More »

Girl Fights – Helicopter Parent vs. Helpful Parent

By Renee Bogacz

What’s the difference between being a caring, concerned, and involved parent, and one who hovers and interferes?


A Google search of the phrase “helicopter parents” will lead you to Wikipedia, which defines helicopter parents as those who pay “…extremely close attention to his or her child’s experiences and problems, More »

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What is wrong with school lunches? A teacher’s lament

By Kelly Thunstrom

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Fed Up With Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches – and How We Can Change Them! by Sarah Wu (otherwise known as “Mrs. Q”).  Sarah is a teacher in the Chicago Public School System who, for one More »

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An opportunity for young people to express gratitude and a chance to raise $100 for a favorite charity


In this season of Giving Thanks, we have a contest for students, ages 9 to 15.  It’s an opportunity for young people to express their own gratitude and also a chance to help out their favorite charity.  We want to hear what they are grateful for and why.  It doesn’t More »

Christmas decorations that kids can make

This holiday season, many of you are looking for some easy Christmas decorations that kids can make.  We’ve got a few ideas and they won’t cost much money either.

Think Accents

Plush red velvet and satin ribbon makes for a luxurious and cozy holiday feel, and can be used by kids in More »

An Interview with Susan Wisdom, author of Stepcoupling

Susan Wisdom’s book, Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong Marriage in Today’s Blended Family, guides couples along the tumultuous and wonderful road of creating a new stepfamily. In Donna Cook’s interview with the author, Susan reveals her reasons for writing the book, common unrealistic expectations going into a new marriage, More »

We Give Books: Free Online E-books for Children

By Jonathan Wylie

Sometimes the library is just too far away, or you don’t have time to fit it in to your busy schedule. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge your children with a great new book.

We Give Books is a collaborative, non-profit site that was created by the More »

A Review of Sarah Wu’s Fed Up with Lunch

How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches – and How We Can Change Them!

Review By Kelly Thunstrom

As an educator for many years, I have definitely seen my share of school lunches.  However, I really had not begun to give them much thought until a few years ago.  More »

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A Review of Tear Soup

A Recipe for Healing After Loss

Written by Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen Illustrated by Taylor Bills

Review by Donna Cook

This lovely illustrated children’s book tells the story of Grandy as she moves through the grief process by making a batch of tear soup. Her recipe calls for tears, of course, but More »

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