New Parenting Book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?

I first interviewed Vanessa Van Petten back in 2009 about the parenting book she wrote when she was just a teen herself, You’re Grounded! Since writing that book, she has launched the site Her newest book launches today and she’s our guest blogger.

–Julia kennedy


By Vanessa Van Petten,creator More »

Understanding the Role of the Bystander in Bullying Situations

By Renee Bogacz

So many anti-bullying programs focus on getting bullies to stop their abusive behavior or empowering victims.  Both are noble and worthwhile endeavors, but more and more researchers are starting to acknowledge the huge role that bystanders play in any bullying situation.  Bystanders are important, according an More »

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Where to Find the Best Online Shopping Deals

By Jonathan Wylie

If I told you that the best online shopping deals were ones that most people never hear about, you might not believe me, but it’s true! So, if you are looking to snag a bargain for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or even for Christmas, take a look at More »

Standardized Test Scores: Take With a Grain of Salt

By Renee Bogacz

Another school year is on the horizon, and with the start of a new year comes another round of standardized testing for our students.  As a teacher and a parent of a college-bound student, I am all-too-well aware of this.  There is so much importance attached More »

Organize Your Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery


By Jonathan Wylie

Most families have a lot of digital photos stored on their computers. In fact, we probably have a lot more digital versions than we do print versions these days. However, finding the ones you want can be time consuming, especially when your camera uses obscure file More »

What to Look for When Buying a New Computer

By Jonathan Wylie

Are you in need of a new computer? The spec list on new computers increasingly looks like it was written in a foreign language, but this handy guide will tell you exactly what to look for and give you some tips on how to snag the More »

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Speed Up Your PC for Free


By Jonathan Wylie

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV offering to speed up your PC for you if you visit their website and sign up for a free scan. Well, the scan might be free, but the fixes are not. Today I am going to save you some money, and More »

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Consuming Kids


Consuming Kids, a film from The Media Education Foundation takes a powerful look at how corporations relentlessly target children and the impact of that marketing.

Companies spend about $17 billion annually marketing to children, a staggering increase from the $100 million spent in 1983.

Children ages 2-11 see more than More »

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Come Join Us!

If you are in the Atlanta area over Labor Day Weekend, September 2-4 please stop by our booth at the largest independent book festival in the country. We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the AJC Decatur Book Festival and look forward to chatting with some great authors, parents, and kids!

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