Bridging the Educational Divide


An Interview with Dr. Pedro Noguera

By Evangelia Biddy

Many school reformers rejoiced when the federal No Child Left Behind Act was passed in 2002. Finally, there was a piece of legislation which aimed to narrow academic performance gaps between white students and students of color. The act, however, has come under More »

How to Find Free Books for the Kindle

By Jonathan Wylie

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best-selling eBook readers of all time. Its popularity knows no bounds and it is winning fans all over the world. Part of this appeal is due to the number of free, or low cost, ebooks that can be read on More »

For Many, Father’s Day Never Comes

By Evangelia Biddy

In 1960, less than 8 million children in the United States were living in families where the father was absent. Today the number of children living in father-absent homes stands at over 24 million. That means that tonight one out of every three children in America will go More »

A Recipe for Raising Fine Young Gentlemen

By Evangelia Biddy

The rules of civility are making a comeback, even among the MTV set. With a generation of young people who have grown up eating in minivans instead of dining rooms, social graces have taken, well, a back seat.  The line between casual and crude have blurred and is More »

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Honors Classes: Yes or No?

By Renee Bogacz

Every January, my 8th graders need some extra special TLC from me.  This is because January is the month for applying to honors classes in high school.  There is always a great deal of angst among the students and their parents about honors classes.  The most common question More »

Teaching Responsibility at Home

By Jennifer Taylor

Every parent wants their child to be responsible and respectful to others.  We smile with delight when they use their manners in public and cringe in horror when they are outright rude.  We take their behavior as a personal reflection on our abilities as mothers and fathers.  However, More »

Backing Up to an External Hard Drive in Windows 7

By Jonathan Wylie

Did you know the average lifespan of a computer hard drive is between 3 and 5 years? Some last longer, but many fail before that. So, if you don’t have a proper backup routine in place, you could be in danger of losing family photos, vacation videos, and More »

Raising Financially Fit Young People

By Evangelia Biddy

Not all children’s books need begin with “Once upon a time”, shares financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette Khalfani Cox. The dynamic pair joined forces to create The Millionaire Kid$ Club™ children’s book series. The picture books teach children that money is More »

A Real-Life Plan to Teach Your Kids to be Independent

We’ve got another book from Merrilee Boyack that fits in well with our Raising Responsible Kids Series.  In The Parenting Breakthrough, A Real-Life Plan To Teach Your Kids To Work, Save Money, and Be Truly Independent, she outlines specific plans for teaching your children to be self-reliant.

In the process of More »

Building the Next New School: A Conversation with Tal Birdsey

By Evangelia Biddy


Tal Birdsey was a single father with an extensive education background who longed to see his own sons in a learning environment where they could flourish. When he found no such school he set out to build one. In his extremely personal memoir, A Room for Learning: The More »