Using the iPad and iPod Touch: Parental Controls Explained

By Jonathan Wylie


Apple’s mobile computing options are an intuitive way for kids to explore the digital age. However, it is important to set limits. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch parental controls do just that. Here’s how they work.

Click the Settings button, select General, and then click on Restrictions. By More »

Pets in the Classroom Program Sets Goal of Reaching 1 Million Children

The Pet Care Trust announced that they have targeted reaching 1 million children in 30,000 classrooms across North America through their popular Pets in the Classroom ( grants program. The program, established by the Pet Care Trust in 2009, provides grants of $100-$150 to purchase or adopt More »

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Experience with Abuse Leads to Book and Career

Diane Davis knows what domestic violence is. Terrified as a child when her parents fought, she hid herself and her younger brother and sister in a bathroom or closet.

Like many from violent homes, Davis ended up in a marriage that turned abusive. These grim experiences brought her More »

Money Management for Kids

Learning to spend cash is a skill diminishing in importance. As people add more non-cash ways to spend money, they never entirely replace previous methods. This creates a broader knowledge base and extends the learning curve for today’s children. Walnut Row unveiled its completely redesigned website,, More »
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Literacy for Logically-Minded Students

A New Book, “Uncovering the Logic of English,” Endorsed by Temple Grandin & Dr. Reid Lyon, Reveals Answers to Teaching Reading More Effectively


The new book, “Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Solution to America’s Literacy Crisis” demonstrates how current reading methods may be ineffective for teaching our future engineers More »

Surviving Summer

By Gina Badalaty

Last summer was the worst.  I was cooped up at home with an autistic 4 year old and a high energy 7-year old.  It was the first year that my older daughter did not have any kind of summer school activity since she was three, and my little More »

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Bullying and the School’s Responsibility

By  Renee Bogacz


It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from bullies, and it is natural for parents to want their children’s school to address bullying when it happens.  But what can schools really do about bullying, and what can parents do to help the schools help More »

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Review: “The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander”, by Barbara Coloroso

By Gina Badalaty

What can you say about a book whose opening is a poignant poem written by a 13 year old boy as a suicide note?  This had me in tears, and took me back to uncomfortable memories of high school, a time I don’t want to remember.  If bullying More »

Is it Bullying or Just Teasing?

By Renee Bogacz

As a teacher, I often have students tell me they are being bullied. Parents will also email me and my colleagues alerting us to bullying. The term “bullying” has come to be commonly thought of as any mean or unkind behavior exhibited toward another person. More »

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Five W’s and an H: Cyberbullying

By Renee Bogacz


Gone are the days of what adults think of as bullying: the boy on the playground threatening to beat up someone for lunch money.  Nowadays, bullying comes in a more insidious form that has coined its own genre – cyberbullying.  According to the Cyberbullying Research Center cyberbullying More »

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